Save time with the Amotive Spare Parts Finder (Cercaricambi)

If you are an automotive parts professional, your daily work is all about research: with the Amotive Spare Parts Finder, you can search for your spare parts directly from your browser, thus saving time and effort.

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What is the Amotive Spare Parts Finder?

The Amotive Spare Parts Finder (Cercaricambi) is a tool that you install in your browser (the program you use to browse, e.g., Chrome, Edge, or Firefox) that allows you to search for items on our website in just 2 clicks.

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The AMOTIVE Spare Parts Search extension can be used after registering with our e-commerce. Request your credentials.

How does it work?

It is easy to use Amotive Parts Finder. Once you have installed the extension (see quick guide here):

  1. Click on the Spare Parts Finder icon in your browser bar
  2. Type in the part number and click on Search
  3. Select the items you’d like to add to cart and clic on VAI AL CARRELLO to complete your order

Why use the Amotive Spare Parts Finder?

Speed up your research

Search straight from your browser bar with a single click

Check availability in real-time

Search for items and instantly find out if they are in stock

Place your order quickly

Quickly fill up your shopping cart and complete the order process

Install the Amotive Parts Finder on your browser today and save time searching!

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